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Full name of organisation :Greek Society of Lymphology ( GSL)


Date of creation of organisation : 2008


The study and the management of the lymphatic diseases means the cooperation of many specializations as lymphologists, internists, oncologists, dermatologists, vascular internists, phlebologists, physicians specialized in infective diseases, radiologists, gynecologists, surgeons, vascular surgeons, plastic surgeons, nurses, physiotherapists, instructor of gymnastics, instructor of diet and ecc The aim of Greek Society of Lymphology is to inform and to increase awareness by raising the profile of the lymphatic system and its diseases The main missions of our society is to promote and to improve the management of the lymphatic diseases, to organize educational days either congresses or special programs in order to increase knowledge and understanding of lymphoedema and the other lymphatic diseases and especially of lymphedema and to promote each others' events and actions concerning the lymphology and the patient in Greece. Our members are MD, PT, Nurses,Sport instructors,ecc

Member-or Cooperation with others Societies Greek Society of Lymphology is member of European and of International Society of Lymphology, of International Union of Angiology, of Vascular independent research and education- European Organisation and of International Lymphedema Framework.


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